Thursday, October 9, 2008

Third Day

Last week I went to see one of my favorite bands in the whole world. I even got to meet the band after the show, thanks to a gift from a good friend. It was awesome. Yes, I love Third Day. I have been a fan for almost 10 years. I have them live five times. And then to meet them was amazingly awesome. Yes, that is my loving wife, Tammy, Mac, and I in the picture.

It was in the meeting that I realized why it is that I enjoy the band and especially Mac Powell so much. They are not my idols. They are more like my pastor. Through their music, they minister to me. Their music has so many highs and lows, so many praises and laments, so much joy of salvation and awe/fear of the divine. Not to mention they are a great band in that southern rock, guitar driven sound.

This morning, as I was running, their song King of Glory came across my i-pod. I have covered this tune for years with 21st RUNG at my church. It is a great tune. But this morning, with darkness still covering the face of the earth, my feet pounding the pavement, tears rolled down my face. Once again, in a surprising way, Mac's gift was given, God's grace was shared, and I was small before God as the choir sang, "Jesus. Precious Jesus. Lord Almighty. King of my heart. King of Glory."

Thank you Third Day for sharing your worship with us. Thank you for being faithful. Thank you ministering to so many so often. Thank you for being a musical pastor.

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