Friday, February 27, 2009

Tent City

Every year as the end of February hints at the thaw of March (so ok, yesterday it was 86 degrees), a small tent city forms on the edge of our the property of University United Methodist Church in Fort Worth. Here the families who are hoping to transfer their student into Paschal High School gather and wait.

It is interesting for several reasons:
  1. One gets to see just how tough mom really is as she tries to sit on a curb in a lawn chair from Thursday morning until Sunday evening and then spend the night in the high school auditorium.
  2. One finds just how creative humans can be in finding shelter, building shelter, and exactly where they can sleep.
  3. One does wonder, "Where do all those people go potty?"
  4. The crowd grows every year.
  5. The parents line up the church curb because they are not allowed on the school property until Sunday evening.
  6. This one is my personal favorite: These people are idiots. I have watched this happen every year and every year all the parents who are here at 5:30 on Sunday evening get their precious child into Paschal High School.

Sorry, normally I do not get into school politics. But this is just plain silly. Thanks for listening.

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