Monday, May 11, 2009


Ok, so this weekend, within 10 hours, I had two friends mention that I had not posted on my blog sight in a while. Really? Does anyone really care what I have to say? I mean, I am just a guy traveling down this road of life. Yeah, I am a pastor, who is supposed to have some sort of wisdom, but I also know many people do not pay much attention to what their pastor, or any pastor, has to say.

So, to whom do you listen? Who is it that gets your attention and somehow speaks to you? Who is the noise in your life? Who is it that if they shut-up you would only find relief in their silence? Who is it that you really want to listen to you?

Anyway, thanks to two people who may not pay attention to what I say, but notice, and question, when I say nothing at all.


Jason said...

I can speak for me and say that I care what you have to say. I mean I value your thoughs and views on topics.

I think I listen to Estee the most. But I also listen to Kyle quite a bit.

I really want Jude to listen to me, but he is only 15 months. So that is kinda lost effort right now.

I notice when you do not write because my automatic RSS feed does not light up bold on your name. Additionally, I notice when you do not write because I don't hear from my friend.

Anonymous said...

So when are you planning to write again?