Friday, February 4, 2011


"I control my own destiny."  It is something that all of us want to believe in some form or fashion.  Just a couple of weeks ago, a church by which I pass had on the marquee, "WE ARE THE RESULT OF OUR CHOICES."  As humans, we want this to be the case.  We know it to be the case.

This week is the antithesis of these humanistic mindsets.  North Texas has prepared for months for this week.  It is the week of the "Big Game."  I don't want the NFL to come saying that I am infringing on their precious copyright, so I will just say, "The Big Game."  Well, as much as DFW prepared, made choices, and put our destiny in our own hands, God has looked down and laughed at the little Babylonians trying to build for ourselves a tower and make a name for ourselves.  We could plan, hope, dream, invest, choose, and still at the end of the day, we could not control the weather.  We have had the coldest temperatures in over 15 years along with ice and snow.

We want to prove that we can do this.  We want to be smart enough and strong enough to handle these things on our own.  Frustratingly, we are not.  OK, I will make it more personal, I am not.  Maybe Jerry and the guys running the "Big Game" are strong enough and smart enough.

Yes, I have lots of control in my life.  Yes, I can make many choices every day.  Yes, I have intelligence and strength.  No, I am not in control and I do not want to be.  I am not solely the result of my choices.  Good things have happened in my life that have nothing to do with the choices I have made.  Bad things have happened despite some good and right decisions.  I have not always gotten what I deserved, good or bad.  On the whole, I am as much the product of grace as of any control I have in life.  God has never failed to remain faithful regardless of my desire for control.

After four days cooped up at home, I am ready to have a bit more control.  I am ready to drop the kids at school, go get a Starbucks, and then have the ability to come and go as I choose.  And I will continue to be thankful for the lack of control I have which somehow has been blessing and grace in the long views of life.

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