Wednesday, June 29, 2011

This Morning

Last Sunday several people gave "updates" on prayer concerns with statements like, "I got a text from them last night" or "I talked with his wife this morning."  It is a way of conveying this is the most up to date news availible to the group. 
Nicole C. Mullens sings a song My Redeemer LivesToward the end of the song she says, "I spoke with him this morning."  This line, more than any other in the song, gives me chills every time.  It says that her relationship is up to date.  It is a way of conveying that she didn't just speak to him a while back, but she has a current and relavant relationship with Jesus.  It is for me the true testimony of her faith and her belief that her Redeemer, Christ Jesus, does live.

Most mornings, I speak with my Redeemer while I go for my run.  Sometimes it is the brief good morning of old friends.  Others it is a powerful moment as sweat runs down my brow and the sun breaks the horizan.  Either way it is for me a moment of proof that indeed he lives.  It is not something that is just biblical or creedal; it is personal. 

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Jason Valendy said...

He lives! Decker Lives again on the interwebs! Great to have you share thoughts again.

Indeed it is personal and current.