Thursday, July 31, 2008

Working Together

A while back a member of the congregation brought me a ceramic cross hand made in Peru. The cross is being carried by a plethora of persons dressed in native Peruvian garb. The note she attached says, "We are working together to serve the Lord."

Sometimes it is hard to remember we are supposed to be working together in service to the Lord. We get side tracked with little issues. We let silly things get in the way of working as one body. Simply disagreements fester. We let hurt feelings become hard feelings and animosity grows within us. Then we are almost surprised when Christ is not at the center of the Church, when God is not glorified in all we do, or when the Spirit is not allowed to lead the Church.

Each of us needs to remember that not only are we, the followers of Jesus, working together to serve the Lord, each of us is in service with Christ. Our service to Christ, our being a disciple, begins with simple acts of piety. . . prayer, searching the scriptures, worship, listening for God's voice to speak.

We serve Christ and we are in service with Christ. We are working together and living together under the reign of God.


laughing pastor said...

There are two other options to consider:
1. Not everyone shows up to work for the Lord.

2. Not everyone knows how to work together.

These options require leaders to better define what it is we are doing and why. Sometimes leaders have to practice tough love (candid truth but always with a dose of humility.)

You and a few other might be in the church for the right reasons....and if this is so, then friend God needs you to lead the church out of the dead end we seem to be in.

laughing pastor said...

Welcome to the world of adding pictures! Love the image!